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The Afro-Hispanic Reader & Anthology

The Afro-Hispanic Reader and Anthology, bilingual in its presentation in both Spanish and English, enables a more fulsome discussion on African Diasporic literature and cultural forms and a wider embrace of cultural production by writers of African ancestry in the Americas, Caribbean and Africa. Invaluable in its connection of African Diaspora Studies; Spanish and Portugese cultural studies; literary criticism and Latin American Literature to Caribbean studies generally, this collection will further enhance the link between African and the Americas.

In what is perhaps the first published collection of works by authors of African ancestry in Spanish America and Equitorial Guinea – the only former Spanish colony in Africa – editors Paulette Ramsay and Antonio D. Tillis draw together a critical study of the literary production of this hitherto unrecognized body of scholars.

By: Paulette A. Ramsay & Antonio D. Tillis 

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