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2016 Books

The Business of Nation Building

Excerpts form the Selected Speeches of Douglas Orane In The Business of Nation Building, Orane’s voice rings loud and clear and the messages from as early as 1983 still resonate. From Entrepreneurship to Sports, Private and Public Sector Management  to Youth Development, Women, Productivity, Leadership, and  the Diaspora and beyond, his passion for country and prescription  for its ills are exemplary. Author: Douglas Orane


Contradictory Existence

Neoliberalism and Democracy in the Caribbean In Contradictory Existence, the relationship between capitalism, manifested in the contemporary dispensation as neoliberalism, and democracy is explored and the authors demonstrate how history, culture, geopolitics and the demands of international capital influence the tension between development and democracy. Author: Dave Ramsaran


Pathways to Action: Social Policy in the Caribbean

In Pathways to Action, the contributors, all experts in their fields, examine the contemporary social challenges in the Caribbean in the areas of demographic transition, early childhood development, health, poverty, labour policies and ageing, and put forward recommendations for sustainable social development. By: Aldrie Henry-Lee


Nationalists Abroad

The Jamaica Progressive League and the Foundations of Jamaican Independence The Jamaica Progressive League, formed in New York in 1936 by Jamaican expatriates, W. Adolphe Roberts and Wilfred Domingo, was the first organization to demand an end to colonial rule in Jamaica. By: Birte Timm


Caribbean Popular Culture

Power, Politics and Performance Caribbean Popular Culture: Power, Politics and Performance is an anthology of previously published works, newly commissioned pieces and substantially revised or updated articles which examine the Caribbean popular - an idea that has been an important and contested terrain for exploring the dynamic and oftentimes subversive cultural expressions of the region. Author: Yanique Hume & Aaron Kamugisha, eds.