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A Reader in African-Jamaican Music, Dance and Religion

In this Reader, Coester and Bender have compiled some of the most important ethnographic work by noted researchers which, although previously published, have been exceptionally difficult to access by the growing community of scholars of African–Caribbean and Jamaican studies. By: Markus Coester and Wolfgang Bender with a Foreword by Laura Tanna


Arts and Religions of Haiti

How the Sun Illuminates Under Cover of Darkness By: LeGrace Benson In departing from the usual Haitian Art or Haitian Religion books, Benson explains the relationship of Haitian art to the culture and uniquely describes the intersection, interrelation and influence of Judaism and Christianity as well as Taíno and Islamic traces and the effects of both Masonic and Rosicrucian orders in shaping Vodou’s belief system and rituals.


Picturing the Postcolonial Nation

Picturing the Postcolonial Nation: (Inter) Nationalism in the Art of Jamaica 1962−1975 examines the relationship between art and nation-building, highlighting the varied ways art was used to not only define Jamaica but to promote and brand a Jamaica that was as innovative, rich and changing as art itself. Author: Claudia Hucke