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Daddy Sharpe

A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of  Samuel Sharpe, A West Indian Slave Written by Himself, 1832 Locked in prison, awaiting a sentence of certain execution, Samuel Sharpe retells the story of his life in the first person narrative, beginning with his boyhood days at Cooper’s Hill in St James and ending with his surrender to the authorities after his defeat in the Great Jamaican Slave Revolt of 1831. By: Fred Kennedy


Eric Williams and the Making of the Modern Caribbean

Born in Trinidad, Eric Williams (1911–1981) founded the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago’s first modern political party in 1956, led the country’s movement for independence from the British culminating in 1962, and became the nation’s first prime minister. Before entering politics, he earned a doctorate from Oxford University, was a professor at Howard University, and wrote several books, including the classic Capitalism and Slavery. By: Colin A. Palmer


Pieces of the Past

A Stroll Down Jamaica’s Memory Lane As the title suggests, the stories included in this volume are but pieces of Jamaica’s very rich past. Since all the defining moments of Jamaican History and culture could not be covered, the book brings together interesting people and events from the nation’s past to the general public. By: Rebecca Tortello


The Longer Run

A Daughter’s Memoir of Arthur Wint In The Longer Run, Valerie Wint paints a vivid and rounded portrait of a father, husband, teammate and friend who always managed to remain humble in spite of his professional successes and personal trials. By: Valerie Wint