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Caribbean Cultural Studies


Belize: A Caribbean Nation in Central America

Selected Speeches of Said Musa In Belize: A Caribbean Nation in Central America, Godfrey Smith brings together a selection of speeches delivered by Said Musa during his tenure as Prime Minister, with the exception of the speech made in his capacity as Foreign Affairs Minister and delivered to the United Nations General Assembly Author: Godfrey P. Smith 

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Betwixt and Between

Explorations in an African-Caribbean Mindscape In this thought provoking collection of essays, anthropologist Barry Chevannes carefully exposes the underlying ideas and values that have given and are giving shape to social life in Jamaica and the Caribbean Region in general. Author: Barry Chevvanes   


Beyond a Boundary – Caribbean College Edition

Beyond a Boundary is arguably the best book on cricket ever written. Originally published in England in 1963 and in the United States twenty years later, this is the first Caribbean edition of CLR James’s classic memoir cum social and political commentary. Author: C L R James & Hilary McD. Beckles 


Caribbean Cultural Thought

From Plantation to Diaspora Caribbean Cultural Thought: From Plantation to Diaspora presents a critical appraisal of the range of issues and themes that have been pivotal in the study of Caribbean societies. Edited by Yanique Hume and Aaron Kamugisha


Caribbean Political Thought

Theories of the Post-Colonial State Caribbean Political Thought: Theories of the Post-Colonial State reckons with the vast body of radical work and thought on the post-colonial Caribbean state. Edited by Aaron Kamugisha


Caribbean Political Thought

The Colonial State to Caribbean Internationalisms Caribbean Political Thought: The Colonial State to Caribbean Internationalisms uncovers, collects and reflects on the wealth of political thought produced in the Caribbean region. Edited by Aaron Kamugisha


Caribbean Popular Culture

Power, Politics and Performance Caribbean Popular Culture: Power, Politics and Performance is an anthology of previously published works, newly commissioned pieces and substantially revised or updated articles which examine the Caribbean popular - an idea that has been an important and contested terrain for exploring the dynamic and oftentimes subversive cultural expressions of the region. Author: Yanique Hume & Aaron Kamugisha, eds.



Dance Jamaica

Renewal and Continuity – The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica – 1962–2008 This is the story of how a group of unpaid dancers, musicians, choreographers, designers and technicians became one of the most influential cultural voices of the Third World. By: Rex Nettleford and Maria LaYacona

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HUAREO: Story of a Jamaican Cacique

HUAREO: Story of a Jamaican Cacique by Fred Kennedy is a frightening yet delightful historical-fiction novel that brings alive the life-threatening situation of the Native Americans known as Taíno on the island of Jamaica some 500 years ago. By: Fred Kennedy


Macca Tree Manns

The Manns family returned home to Macca Tree without much fanfare in the middle of the night, taking up residence in a dilapidated shack no decent member of the Westmoreland community would dare enter. By: Addeah Palmer


Poverty is a Person

Human Agency, Women and Caribbean Households In Poverty is a Person, Theresa Ann Rajack-Talley, in a participatory approach to development studies, raises the voices of those usually muted in poverty research.  Author: Theresa Ann Rajack-Talley