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Bright Road to El Dorado

Bright Road to El Dorado captures a moment in Trinidad's history. It is a fictional account of Sir Walter Raleigh's exploits in Trinidad in 1595. On his way from England to search for El Dorado, Raleigh called at Trinidad where he had an old score to settle with its Spanish Governor,  Antonio de Berrio. Author: Michael Anthony 


The Games Were Coming

The Games Were Coming chronicles Leon’s life in the three months preceding the Southern Games, held in Marabella, Southern Trinidad. Focused and unwavering, not even the infectious Carnival Spirit which takes hold of Leon’s young brother, Dolphus, nor the advances of Silvia, Leon’s girlfriend, can steer the determined young cyclist away from his preparation for the games. Author: Michael Anthony



Stories about Jamaican Women Engaging and absorbing, yet at once both sobering and triumphant, The World is a High Hill, demonstrates the multifaceted nature of the Jamaican woman, faced with all the trials the high hill of the world presents, at times a steeper climb for some more than for others. Author: Erna Brodber