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The Contemporary Caribbean

Caribbean Reasonings: After Man, Towards the Human

Critical Essays on Sylvia Wynter This interdisciplinary collection offers a variety of interpretations of Sylvia Wynter’s work and seeks to cover the range of her thought.  Her rich source of investigation of some of the compelling questions that currently face humanity makes her not just a major Caribbean figure, but a world-class intellectual. By: Anthony Bogues



The Aesthetics of Decolonisation George Lamming is one of the best known, certainly one of the most highly regarded contemporary writers from the Caribbean. Spanning nearly 60 years and encompassing fiction, poetry and critical essays, Lamming’s writing covers the length and breadth of Caribbean intellectual, cultural, political and literary life. By: Anthony Bogues 


Caribbean Reasonings: The Thought of New World

The Quest for Decolonisation Divided into three parts, The Thought of New World: The Quest for Decolonisation critically examines the significant contributions of the New World Group to Caribbean political and economic thought while setting the stage for a renewal in thinking regarding issues affecting the region. By: Brian Meeks and Norman Girvan 



Kingston Jamaica

Urban Development and Social Change 1692-2002 This new edition of Colin Clarke’s path-breaking book extends the examination and analysis of Kingston’s social and economic development from the end of the colonial period, thus making it one of the few studies of any British Caribbean city for the entire colonial period and beyond.

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